Maui Cannabis Strain Review

Maui Specifications

Type: Hybrid
Flowering Period: 100-120 days
Climate: Tropical climate
Yield: 5.94 oz./ft2
Flavors: Citrus, Earth
THC Level: 12%-18%
Height: Tall
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

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What are the Effects of Maui

The Maui potent cerebral high will hit you like a giant wave crashing on the beach. Taking this strain will improve your mood and make you want to socialize with new people. The high feels like taking an exotic vacation to a tropical resort where the skies are always blue and the natives are friendly to you. As the high slowly fades away, you are left with a comforting buzz running across your body. However, you will still have more than enough energy for the whole day. This makes the Maui great for a morning pick-me-up when you need a boost to start a long grueling day at work.

What are the Medical Benefits of Maui

The intense cerebral high that Maui delivers is effective in treating depression. The boost in energy and motivation can help you claw out of the negativity hole to improve your overall outlook in life. This type of high is also good for destressing after a tiring day. Maui will ease your muscles and nerves to remove any discomfort that you are feeling.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Maui

The most common problem with the Maui strain is a case of parch throat. You can fix this by having a cool bottle or glass of water ready to quench your dry mouth. Other problems may include headaches and dizziness, but these symptoms rarely happen.

Tips for Growing Maui

Maui is easily one of the most difficult strains to cultivate because of its long flowering period that can reach up to four months. The plant’s size is another factor to consider. The extremely tall stems of the Maui plants will require plenty of space in your indoor grow room. For many growers, outdoors will be the only option to cultivate the plant to allow the stems to grow. In exchange for the difficulty in growing this strain, Maui plants have an extremely high yield rate than other cannabis plants.