Medusa Feminized Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Medusa Feminized Seeds

Medusa feminized is a very strong marijuana strain and is considered to be one of the most powerful in the cannabis strain called Mystic. Since it is a hybrid of Mystic, the THC levels of Mystic is contained in the feminized Medusa hybrid. The taste of this particular pot has a sweet and yet sticky zest which always leaves a smoker, beginner or not, shocked and hooked. Due to its high THC level, this weed is definitely not recommended for first time or beginner smokers and is usually tested by experienced smokers who are looking for a next level kind of kick. When growing a medusa pot, it is advisable to use feminized medusa seeds as it gives out a larger yield at the end of the growing season. Also, newbies in growing cannabis are not advised to grow this particular kind of pot because of its volatility. Like all feminized marijuana seeds, they have a tendency of blooming into a male plant, depending on the weed’s environment.

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Where to buy Medusa feminized cannabis seeds?

You can order feminized Medusa cannabis seed strain from an online seedbank and you can receive your order discretely that even your mailman won’t know it. It is completely secure and safe if you order from an online seedbank. We have tried it several times.

Medusa Feminized Specification

Type: Indica – Sativa
Flowering Period: 55-65 days
Climate: Indoor or outdoor
Yield: 400-500 gr/m2
Stone: Stoney, yet high. All round buzz.
THC Level: 15-24%
Height: Medium
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of Medusa Feminized

1. Medusa feminized is a white strain that produces compact and light green buds that can get you high yet stoned or body buzz effect once smoked.

2. As the buds are smoked, it leaves a sweet aftertaste on your taste buds. It also features a musty scent that can awaken your senses.

3. It is a perfect choice for new marijuana growers because Medusa is available in feminized seeds. No sorting out of male and female plants during the budding time.

4. Even if Medusa feminized is not a high yielder cannabis, the potency of the buds it is producing makes it one of the most favored pot strains.

Growing Medusa Feminized Tips

In growing Medusa feminized marijuana seeds, avoid stressing the plants so you can be assured of growing an all-female cannabis. To avoid stress, provide the grow room with proper ventilation and do not put too much fertilizer.

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