Mellow Yellow Review – Oldest Coffee Shop of Amsterdam

Mellow Yellow is an Amsterdam-based seed bank and is one of the first to open a cannabis coffee shop in the city. While the coffee shop is has been closed due to a Netherland’s law, the breeder still sells their strains.

Are the strains from the people behind the oldest coffee shop in Amsterdam worth hunting? Our Mellow Yellow review will answer this question.

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Best Features of Mellow Yellow

  • High THC potency of the Tiger Shark

Shipping Information

The seed bank mostly sells their strains through their late coffee shop. Without a site, the delivery availability of Mellow Yellow strains falls on their distributors.

Seed Selections

According to cannabis seed sites, there are only two confirmed Mellow Yellow strains available online.

Customer Service

Despite not having a website, you can reach a staff from Mellow Yellow through their office phone number. This number is available on some cannabis seed sites.

Website Functionality

The company does not have a dedicated website. However, Mellow Yellow has a social media page. In addition, there are many references to the original Mellow Yellow coffee shop as well as the owner, Johnny Petram, on different websites.

While information of the Mellow Yellow coffee shop is available in most sites, details on their strains are hard to come by. Only a few sites have the name of the strains that they sell.

Price and Payment Method

The payment option depends on the distributors of Mellow Yellow strains.

What we like about Mellow Yellow

  • The company started the concept of cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam
  • The Tiger Shark hybrid is effective as a medical marijuana

What we don’t like about Mellow Yellow

  • No complete listing and details of their strains
  • Company’s social media page is rarely active.

Our Verdict

For kicking off the coffee shop culture where you can buy weed and a hot beverage, Mellow Yellow gets a check mark from us.

The only problem with the seed bank is the lack of info on all of their strains. If their genetics are as high quality as their Tiger Shark, hunting down their catalog is worth your while.