Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Marijuana Strain Review

The Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant is a very controversial strain because of its origin which is said to be from a government facility that has been ruined. It has been further developed after that certain strain found in the government facility was diminished by the users who were trying to take a hit for the newfound combination of Cannabis breed.

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This strain is pure Indica which gives off the effects of the Indica type. The calming high that it has is due to the high THC levels which are considered to be found in a good quality weed. It is of average height and it tastes is tangy and sweet which is comforting and exciting to the palate and all other senses. However, with more hits that you get you will feel a heavy wave washing into your senses that is why it is recommended to have a session inside a smoke room.

Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Specifications:

Type:  Indica
Flowering Period:  60 days
Climate:  indoor and outdoor
Yield: Heavy
Stone: calming high
THC Level:  High
Height:  100-130 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Special Features:

– Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant is a pure Indica strain.
– It is thick and can be a good addition in a garden.
– It can grow either indoors or outdoors with any kind of technique used.
– Its flavor is quite tangy with a sweet and spicy blend that will bring a good sensation to your senses.
– Its leaves are dark in tone with the shade of emerald green with light green buds.
– It is of average height that is why it won’t be a complication in maintaining the good plant image and gaining better quality.
– It is adept to the Mediterranean climate which is more on the hot part compared to the cold.

Growing Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Tips:

Even though the plant or the strain can be grown easily without the expertise of a good gardener, it still needs the kind of regular check-up that all cannabis plant needs. The right environment and choice for the setting is basically the most crucial decision that the grower needs to make in order to gain the best quality of the strain. It must be put in mind that the higher the THC level that a grower can get, the better the plant quality.