New Purple Power Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy New Purple Power Seeds

The purple strains were once the popular import in the 80s. It produces good smoke but it doesn’t tend to grow in a much colder climate, like in the Northern Europe region. With the goal to grow this marijuana in cold weathers, the new purple power cannabis was born. Its main predecessors were the Dutch Skunk and influences on the haze of Thailand and Columbia combined. Giving out a moderately strong THC level, the new purple power marijuana somewhat provides users tinge of sweet-and-sour flavor. It takes a total of 6 to 8 weeks for the weed to be fruitful. An Intake of the smoke will result in a cerebral buzz sensation. If the cannabis is cultivated in cooler environments, the buds will give a dark purplish appearance. Growers must mind the fact that the difficulty for it to prosper is in the moderate scale, which meant that growers must occasionally check on the plants to monitor their conditions.

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Where to buy New Purple Power cannabis seeds?

You can buy New Purple Power marijuana seeds from an online seed bank. You can receive free seeds together with your order. They will ship to their customers from around the world. You can order New Purple Power weed seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company.

New Purple Power Cannabis Specification

Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering period: 6/8 weeks
Climate: Best suitable for outdoor growing.
Yield: 400-500 (Sea of Green on one m2)
Stone: Sativa High- Cereberal Buzz
THC level: Moderate 5-10%
Height: Tall
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of New Purple Power

1. New Purple Power holds a certain uniqueness when it comes to flavor and colors. It has a distinctive sweet-sour tang that is being described by many as one of the exotic kinds.

2. Combining Purple Haze and Early Skunk resulted in medical-grade marijuana New Purple Power. When smoked, it can give you a clear and upbeat buzz that leaves you in a happy state.

3. The aroma of New Purple Power is distinctively a mixture of sweetness and sourness that is mild but can wake up your senses.

4. It may not be one of the high-yielding marijuana strains but it produces buds with excellent quality.

Growing New Purple Power Tips

This purple strain can successfully grow in cooler climates. If you are living in a country where the climate can sometimes be very hot, you can grow New Purple Power indoors but a good ventilating system is necessary for the proper exchange of air.