New York Diesel Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy New York Diesel Seeds

Holland has been known to be a good place for the different strains of cannabis seeds. However, the United States of America would not be left behind. It also has a wonderful pot variety of cannabis called New York Diesel, which has placed second in the Cannabis Cup for 4 years (2001-2004). New York Diesel is highly recognized for its striking flavor and aroma, which made it, won the hearts of many marijuana users. The distinct taste and aroma of New York Diesel came from the combination of three varieties Sour Diesel, Afghani and Hawaiian. This variety of pot marijuana suites best in an indoor environment since it can grow only up to 65 centimeters tall. Though small as it may be, the yield for this cannabis is quite meritorious. That is why growing this plant requires a lot of loving and caring and as a beginner, you should be filled with enthusiasm to learn the tricks of growing this type of plant.

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Where to buy New York Diesel cannabis seeds?

Buy New York Diesel marijuana seeds from Amsterdam – home of the best marijuana strains in the world and have it shipped right to your doorsteps. The shipping times may differ depending on your address. You may also receive some free marijuana seeds together with your order. You may also order more seeds and get discounts with it.

New York Diesel Specification

Type: Mexican Sativa – afghani
Flowering Period: 55-70 days indoor
end of September
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 400 gram m2
Stone: Exotic high
THC Level: 15-20%
Height: 65CM
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of New York Diesel

1. New York Diesel is one of the most commonly sought after cannabis strains because of its exotic aroma and taste like that of a red grape.

2. It is a combined indica and sativa variety as the result of crossbreeding an Afghan strain with a Mexican sativa.

3. Aside from having an exceptional ripe red grape taste and smell, New York Diesel buds also create an exceptional kind of cerebral high once smoked.

4. The THC level of New York Diesel is very strong and it is about 15% to 20%. After completing the 10 weeks of the flowering period, this strain can give a yield of 400 grams per plant.

Growing New York Diesel Tips

The New York Diesel exudes a fuel like an aroma that can fill the entire indoor grow room area. Because of the very strong smell that this strain is giving out, installation of the best odor control system is necessary.