Northwest Pineapple Marijuana Strain Review

Northwest Pineapple or NW Pineapple is a cross between two legendary Northern Lights and Oregon Pineapple strains. As the name suggests, it is mainly and authentically found in the northwest regions only. So if you see this strain other the northwest region then that maybe the original one.

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Northwest Pineapple Specifications

Type: It is a 70% indica and 30% sativa strain.
Flowering Period: There is no data regarding its flowering cycle.
Climate: Information regarding what climate it wants to thrive in is not available.
Yield: Its yield isn’t also discussed by other people.
Aroma: Northwest Pineapple releases a sophisticated scent of pineapple mixed with earthy hints.
Taste: This strain is well-known for the tropical blend that it leaves in every inhale that you’ll surely want for more.
THC Level: It has a 24% to 25% THC level.
Height: It is rather unknown on how high this plant can get.
Growing Difficulty: It is known that to be able to grow this strain successfully you’ll need some experience in marijuana breeding.

What are the Effects of Northwest Pineapple?

Northwest Pineapple’s effect starts off with a euphoric high that carries you all the way to the paradise of pure bliss. As this feeling of intense happiness takes over your mind, it will also lure your body into a relaxed state where peace and calmness are all that matters. It has this somewhat sedative effect that will lock you up to your bed or couch especially if you’re just new to the world of marijuana.

What are the Medical Benefits of Northwest Pineapple?

This strain is usually used to treat symptoms relating to chronic pain, chronic fatigue, unpredictable mood swings, and depression. It is definitely a great mood booster for those days you’re just feeling so down and out.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Northwest Pineapple?

Northwest Pineapple, just like any other strain, can cause your mouth and eyes to dry out especially when taken in high doses.

Tips for Growing Northwest Pineapple

Since it is only available in the Northwest region, there is not enough information on how to properly grow this strain indoors or even outdoors.