Oldtimer’s Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Oldtimer’s Haze is a strain developed for smokers who are craving for an incredible old-fashioned Skunk weed that can help them think about the original one. This is originated from its parent genetics Green Haze and Purple Haze. This is a popular strain in various parts of the world including Argentina, Columbia, Thailand, Mexico and Southern India.

It makes a blast in the medical cannabis community because of its awesome effects, features and characteristics. Moreover, this strain has been in the industry for several decades with the help of a British marijuana breeder.
Being a pure Sativa strain, Oldtimer’s Haze boasts its irresistible aroma that highlights fruity and herbal earth with its spicy pungency. It has dense buds and is characterized by its purple leaves associated with thick and transparent hair.

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Oldtimer’s Haze Specifications

Type: Pure Sativa
Flowering Period: 121 to 140 days
Climate: cold
Yield: Huge
Flavors: pine and citrus
THC Level: 10% to 24%
Height: tall
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Oldtimer’s Haze?

Oldtimer’s Haze high is distinguished by the tingling cerebral pressure in your head and also behind eyes. This feeling increases as the energy rush through your body with its velvety happiness. Soon, you will enjoy a warm effect that results in mellow relief.

What are the Medical Benefits of Oldtimer’s Haze?

Oldtimer’s Haze can treat fatigue, nausea, headache, and pain. This is best to have in the evening, so you get the desired relaxing and soothing effect of this strain. You will also benefit from is euphoric, energetic and uplifting effects that you cannot just get in other medicines.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Oldtimer’s Haze?

Unlike most cannabis strain, Oldtimer’s Haze will not let you down. However, you can always expect that there can be at least one side effect to deal with. The good thing is that it can only be a minor side effect. In the case of Oldtimer’s Haze, you will only suffer from headache.

Tips for Growing Oldtimer’s Haze

In taking care of Oldtimer’s Haze marijuana strain, you should find the best location where you will not expose it in intense sunlight. Since it’s growth level is moderate, you can cultivate it on your own.