Optimize your High with these 5 Marijuana Hacks

5-marijuana-hacks-to-optimize-your-highWhen we say hacks, we are talking about tips, secrets, techniques that will allow us to get things that are better, bigger and faster. They are usually achieved in a shorter and more efficient way.  Believe it or not, there are also some hacks that can be applied to marijuana smoking. For one, there are hacks that will allow you to optimize your high. Is it even possible? How can it be done?

Munchy Treats

Some smokers say that you need to smoke first before eating a meal in order to experience a complete, palatable experience. However, what will happen if you just failed to stack up or go to the nearest store to grab food? One of the fastest solutions is ordering online from restaurants. There are a lot of options that you can find online these days, offering deliveries 24/7. You can easily decide to order any food that you like and they will be delivered right into your doorstep. While there are certain websites that put altogether all of the restaurants in one place, you can also choose to call directly a particular restaurant. Ordering online is more effective than going out after smoking to feed yourself. On the other hand, if you still have enough time, you may want to prepare your own food, which is generally more applicable to those who love to cook for themselves. Preparing for yourself some munchy goodies will allow you to experience your high-moment to the full.

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CD Filters!

Perhaps you have listed to other seasoned smokers and used CDs for your coasters. Thing is, that is not the only use of CDs. In fact, you can place them under the bowl in order to pick up some unnecessary spillage of weed. You can also use CDs to hold over your bowl, making sure that no weed goes out. These are handy things that you can get out of your old CD pile stock. As you become more and more familiar with marijuana smoking, you will also find out that CDs have more use than just acting as filters and in support to coasters.

 Pipe Cleaners

Your smoking pipe also needs a good maintenance from time to time. If your carb or pipe is already filed with black stuff and you do not want to use a paper clip, then you can use a good pipe cleaner in order to ensure that your glass looks good again. You may also want to combine an alcohol solution. However, a pipe cleaner should still be used after. Other seasoned smokers also come up with their own pipe cleaners. You may want to check out their suggestions by visiting blogs, forums and threads in order to learn more about the techniques that these experts do as part of their marijuana smoking hack.

Stoner Visual Background

If you want some good visual background that you can use while you are stoned, why not visit Electric Sheep online. All you have to do is to make it run. These visuals are generally termed as “sheep”. They are psychedelic, warps and changes constantly, producing and recreating themselves. You can also have some fun by casting your vote in order to choose a particular sheep. With this, the server or program will try to make that particular sheep generally more popular and viewable by other online viewers. You may also choose to watch the recorded shows that are available on YouTube, or even decide to download a particular program on your mobile device or computer. DSL and Cable are generally best for viewing.

The Right Playlist

There is nothing more relaxing than just lying down, feeling the high slowly grappling over you, while listening to a good playlist on your music player. You certainly can choose from a wide array of music from online sources. However, you may want to select those that are weed-themed. This will allow you to even enjoy the entire experience even better. There are also websites that already come prepared with a good playlist of these songs that you can listen to when you are feeling that high after smoking weed. Most of this music are under the reggae genre, allowing you to either dance with it, or just listen to it as your mind flows away.

Bottom Line

Later on, you will come up with your own list of hacks. They are things that will allow you to maximize the entire marijuana experience, without getting too burdened with preparation. You may also want to share experiences with other seasoned smokers and share best practices with them to enjoy the experience better.