Or Marijuana Strain Review

Or cannabis strain is composed of around 70% Indica genetics. This is originated from Israel which is supplied by a known medical marijuana manufacturer. Or has been primarily developed for patients who are suffering from sleeping disorders. Aside from treating poor sleeping habits, there are more interesting and more useful things about using Or as a smoking strain.

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Or Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica and 30% Sativa)
Flowering Period: 49 to 63 days
Yield: 1.2 ounces per square feet
Flavors: earthy, woody, musky, spicy, vanilla and flowery
THC Level: 20% to 24%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Or?

Or strain gives a positive effect that will make you giggly, happy and creative. Its effects can also make you hungry, so it is advised to have foods by your side upon using this strain.

What are the Medical Benefits of Or?

Or cannabis strain is an ideal treatment for any type of pain and inflammation. This can be an effective solution if you are dealing with loss of appetite, indigestion or nausea. Other medical benefits of using Or strain is that it can cure fatigue and stress. In general, you can use Or marijuana strain if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness or disease that gives you intense pain and discomfort.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Or?

Or is a potent strain that can obviously bring negative side effects in the long run. This strain can be full of medical and physical benefits, but you must consume it with caution. It is due to the reason that there is a high tendency of experiencing some adverse effects.

These can be dryness of your mouth and your eyes which is caused by dehydration. If this occurs, you need to prepare yourself and be sure to take it in moderation to limit the chances of suffering from such undesirable effects.
In some circumstances, you may be dealing with headaches. The good thing is that a headache can only be minor and takes place in rare cases.

Tips for Growing Or

To take care of Or cannabis plants, you need to secure its location. Make sure there is a sufficient source of sunlight and nutrients from the soil.