Our Top 5 Pick of the Best Growing Marijuana Books

Are you interested in knowing how to successfully grow weed in an indoor environment? One way is to learn as much knowledge as possible. While there are some other sources of such information, one of the best sources of information are books. Here are the 5 best books on growing marijuana based on our personal experience.

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Our Top Pick -Growing Elite Marijuana by Ryan Riley

The information presented in this book is often considered as the amalgamation of marijuana knowledge which comes from a rather reputable source. The author of this book provides in-depth information which focuses on each of the facets of the marijuana industry as a whole. He also explains that this book can act as a guide to beginners. (Read our review of Ryan’s eBook)

# 2 Pick – Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

This book is composed of 512 fully colored pages, as well as 1120 full-color illustrations and photographs. This book is often described as the most comprehensive and complete cultivation book that is available these days. It includes information such as the topic that discusses greenhouse and outdoor growing. The book is constantly improved in order to have the most current information, which is rewritten and expanded completely. There is also a portion referred to the new medical section. This book gives credits to over 300 contributors.

#3: Marijuana Growers Handbook: Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation

This handbook provides valuable information for both starters as well as advanced growers who want to learn about growing the most potent and resinous buds. This book also includes the latest knowledge, methods, and tools for growing high-quality marijuana. There is a possibility to use the most effective technology, thus saving, energy and labor.

Bountiful buds can be cultivated appropriately. For instance, this book comes with about 500 pages of color filled illustrations and photos. This book provides the basics that a marijuana grower needs. All of the aspects in cultivation are ultimately covered, from the choice of varieties, setting up the entire garden, as well as what can be expected in identifying variety selection, garden setup, as well as each of the stages of growing plant, from day 1 to harvest time.

#4: The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use

This grow bible completely explains the art and science behind growing this high-end pot. Those who want to become an Aficionado can actually blend an understanding of the botany behind the marijuana plant. This solution, coupled with illustrations and images, relates. At the same time, it is a best seller among many enthusiasts. 

#5: Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Growers Guide

This book provides the necessary knowledge needed by growers in maximizing their yields. It comes with different color photos as well as illustration. It has easy to follow directions that will enable anybody to just grow and harvest the best quality marijuana. It comes with easy to do directions in reaching for the growth and harvest of the techniques.