P-51 Marijuana Strain Review

Crossing the Blackberry and Tahoe OG strains will yield the P-51 cannabis strain. Its effects deliver deeply relaxing sensations to its smokers that some users in the marijuana-smoking community also call it “The Tranquilizer Dart.” However, the origins of its name are said to come from the car with the same name.

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Many marijuana smokers still seek out this strain regardless of the origins of its name. Users know of the bud because of its lengthy spades that bring bright colors and excellent densities.

P-51 Specifications

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 7 to 10 weeks
Climate: Unknown
Yield: Unknown
Flavors: Earth, diesel, and herbs
THC Level: 22% to 23% on average
Height: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of P-51?

The highs of the P-51 cannabis strain are both sedating and somehow invigorating. Once the highs begin to hit, users will find themselves with uplifted spirits and euphoric mindsets. The tingling feelings from the mind will then boost creativity accompanied by a deep sense of relaxation.

Its calming effects will fill the brim of this strain’s users that will leave them in a heavily sedated state. Smokers will feel sleepy once the highs begin to dissipate.

What are the Medical Benefits of P-51?

P-51 has medicinal properties that help in relaxing both the bodies and minds of its smokers. For starters, its physically-calming attributes help patients suffering from chronic muscle aches and pains will find relief in smoking this bud.

Patients suffering from insomnia will also get that much-needed trip to dreamland thanks to P-51. Finally, minor to moderate levels of stress and depression may seem non-existent because of this strain’s uplifting highs.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from P-51?

Most P-51 smokers will experience cottonmouths accompanied by dry and irritated eyes during smoking sessions. Some users may also experience dizziness and paranoia. Hence, this strain isn’t a good choice for patients suffering from severe cases of anxiety and other related mental ailments.

Tips for Growing P-51

Growing the P-51 requires a decent amount of knowledge and understanding in cultivating marijuana plants. Beginner marijuana gardeners may want to study up or gain enough experience first before attempting to grow this strain.