Papaya Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Papaya Seeds

If you thought that papaya was a fruit grown in the tropical regions of the earth then you are wrong with that idea. This is another form of Papaya that can send you to a different level of highness. Papaya is another variety of cannabis which is known for its aroma and taste. This yield of marijuana comes from an unknown cross strain and an Afghani yield which accounts for its distinct Indica result. The best method to grow Papaya is indoor or in greenhouses; however, if you are after its aroma and taste that makes it popular, you would have to propagate it in the outdoor milieu. Another advantage of papaya compare to its other weed family is its high resistance against disease and molds. And a lot of grower loves to grow this strain of cannabis because they can harvest it earlier compared to other strains. You can harvest it as early as 7 weeks faster than other strains.

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Where to buy Papaya cannabis seeds?

Amsterdam Marijuana Seed Company is one of the many cannabis seed banks where you can buy high-quality marijuana seeds but they have some marijuana strains which aren’t for sale in some other seed banks. One of these strains is called Papaya. If you want to buy this marijuana seed strain, then we can only recommend Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company.

Papaya Cannabis Specification

Type: Indica (85%)/Sativa (15%)
Flowering Period: Short (45 – 55 days)
Climate: Moist (indoor/outdoor)
Yield: 500 / 600 (g/m²)
Stone: narcotic – deep relaxing
THC Level: Extreme High
Height: Compact plant
Grow Difficulty: Beginner

Special Features of Papaya Marijuana Strain

1. Papaya is an indica dominant hybrid that looks light green-yellow buds with orange hairs. Buds have an average density but loaded with THC crystals.

2. The smell of Papaya is slightly exotic with hint papaya undertones. Buds will produce a smooth smoke that is sweet and gives off a mild citrus aftertaste.

3. This strain has a high potency and the effect of smoking Papaya buds is very spacey and produces a body buzz upshot that is not overwhelming.

4. A good cannabis strain with medical values that benefits people suffering from pain and stress. Good for night time smoking because it can relax one’s mind and body.

Growing Papaya Marijuana Tips

Papaya strain can produce up to 300 to 400 grams/m2 of yield when grown in a soil medium and using the SOG set-up. For great bud production, use a 600-watt lamp as the artificial light source.