Pot of Gold Review

Pot of Gold has an extreme horsepower cerebral effect that has 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. This strain was introduced not so long ago from the Flying Dutchmen Seed Company. Today, many would love to have this at their very own backyard or greenhouse. It is one of the most popular Hindu Kush that has a powerful THC level that has at least 27%.

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Users describe this as a strong and powerful kush yet, it is a typical indica. The effect brings you an overwhelming laziness that keeps your mind totally relax. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to boost up his or her creativity level. All in all, it has a nice taste and aroma keeping you high for about 2 hours or even so. The bud is ideal as a dessert treat after a meal.

Pot of Gold Weed Strain Specifications

Flowering Period: 8-11 Weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
: High
: Sweet, Grapes, Pineapple.
THC Level
: 17%
: Huge
Growing Difficulty
: Moderate

What Are The Effects Of Pot Of Gold?

Users are somewhat clear-headed and therefore, it increases their creativity. While the body is still functioning, you will feel that your muscles will be relaxed which can deal with muscle spasms and other types of muscles pain. At some point, it makes the user pretty much sleepy and at the same time, it uplifts the spirit.

What Are The Medical Effects Of Pots Of Gold?

It is considered one of the best medical marijuana for getting rid of insomnia. Since such strain makes your mind blank, it can make you forget a lot of things especially when life is pressuring you. As mentioned, it makes the muscles relax and therefore, it is also effective for pain relief including headaches. It helps a person to increase the appetite as well.

What Are The Negative Effects OF Pots Of Gold?

If such strain is misused, it can lead someone into paranoia and getting anxious all the time. After the buzz, you will feel dizzy but it is quite normal especially when you take such medical marijuana for the first time. Dry mouth and dry eyes are also common side effects, but, drinking a few glasses of water, you will be alright.

Tips When Growing Pots Of Gold

This plant as huge minty leaves oversized when it blooms. Be sure to trim the plan from time to time, but it case you really want to see how leafy such plant could be you may do so, but you have to take good care of it.