Power Kush Review

Power Kush is a popular medical marijuana cannabis strain in Amsterdam. Because of its unique taste, abundant resins and fluffy bud, many locals were easily felt in love with such strain. What is so amazing about the plant is the orange hairs. Many would love to use this strain because it creates physical and cerebral effects on the person who uses it. Moreover, its THC level is not as high as the usual kush and therefore, it is highly recommended for individuals who are going to use this for the first time.

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Whether you are a medical patient or you just want to use it for recreational purposes, you can never go wrong with this one. It can provide you a very much sweet sleep and you will feel energized in the morning. If you have been working hard lately, it is time for you to have a break.

Power Kush Weed Strain Specifications

Flowering Period: 8-11 Weeks
Climate:  Indoor / Outdoor
Yield: Moderate
Flavors: Earthly, Tropical Sweet
THC Level: 17%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Easy To Moderate

What Are The Effects Of Power Kush?

It is best known to help your muscles to relax. Of course, the effect will vary which will make a person sleepy as well. As soon as you pop up a couple of smoke, it increases your sense of satisfaction that makes your spirit uplifted. Other effects are euphoric and keep you happy. Yet, keep in mind that even though that it is 90% indica, it does not knock you out. As soon as you feel your body relaxed and uplifted, you will notice that it seems like you don’t want to do a lot of thing but to lay down on your bed.

What Are The Medical Effects Of Power Kush?

It can simply get rids of stress and fatigue. If you are stuck for a weekend grind and you just want to have a break for a while, then this would be the best time to do so. It is also highly effective for muscle spasms and other types of physical pain. Power Kush is also known as an antidepressant medical marijuana strain.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Power Kush?

Dry mouth is the usual negative side effect of any kush. You may feel dried up, but a few drinks of water will fully recover your hydration. When it comes to cerebral negative effect, one may become paranoid when used irresponsibly. Other effects are dizziness, dry eyes, and anxiousness.

Tips When Growing Power Kush

Its parents are Indica Afghani and Hybrid Skunk. Hence, it is highly recommended to breed the plant indoor. If you know how to take good care of any Indica plants, then you have nothing to worry about when growing this one.