Purple Dog Shit Marijuana Strain Review

It’s kind of a weird name for a potent marijuana but don’t let its unlikely name get the excitement out of you. It is known as an effective medicinal marijuana strain that came all the way from the roots of Purple Urkle and Dogshit. This strain is rather a rare find and a little is known about its holistic characteristics and genetics.
If you’re looking to try this strain out then you can get some of it from medical marijuana markets around the state of Washington.

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Purple Dog Shit Specifications

Type: It is an 85% indica and 15% sativa strain.
Flowering Period: It has a flowering cycle of an estimated 56 to 70 days.
Climate: There’s no information regarding the climate that this strain likes.
Yield: This strain can produce an amount of yield of 1.2 ounces per square feet.
Aroma: Despite its name, it has an earthy and floral scent on it.
Taste: This strain has a flavorful grape taste.
THC Level: Purple Dog Shit contains 15% THC.
Height: It can grow as tall as 70 inches.
Growing Difficulty: Some say that it is fairly easy to cultivate and manage.

What are the Effects of Purple Dog Shit?

Purple Dog Shit hits your head fast with a good high that later on puts a relaxing and calming sensation to your body that usually lasts up to one and a half hour after taking it.

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Dog Shit?

This strain contains high levels of CBD which makes it an effective medicinal agent that can alleviate threats of pain, anxiety, and inflammation without the added psychoactive effect. It is also good alternative medicine for improving sleep patterns and reducing insomnia since it can induce a relaxing good night’s sleep.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Purple Dog Shit?

There are not enough details on its adverse effects on your body but the common dryness of the mouth and redness of the eyes are still present

Tips for Growing Purple Dog Shit

Since this strain is a rare find, there are no related tips on how it can be grown extensively and effectively.