Purple Pinecone Marijuana Strain Review

Purple Pinecone or simply Purple Pine is a rather complicated marijuana strain that doesn’t have much information on hand to deliberately describe its history and characteristics. It is a strain that is famous in the parts of Washington state and also in Southern California.

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Purple Pinecone Specifications

Type: It is a balanced hybrid between indica and sativa having 50% on both lines with the indica lineage being more dominant.
Flowering Period: This strain can produce well-off buds at about 50 to 55 days.
Yield: It can produce as much as 325 to 375 grams per square area.
Aroma: The aroma that this strain emits is a combination of sweet fruity and earthy pine scents.
Taste: It has a sweet fruity and berry flavors that are exposed to your palates.
THC Level: Purple Pinecone has a THC level of 10% to 19%.
Height: It can grow up to a height of 0.5 to 0.75 meters tall.
Growing Difficulty: It has a moderate level of growing difficulty.

What are the Effects of Purple Pinecone?

Purple Pinecone puts your mind and body into a refreshing kind of high that makes sure that deep relaxation is achieved. It also induces a moderate amount of cerebral euphoria that transforms your frowns into unforgettable giggles and makes you really sociable and talkative. There will also come a point where you’ll feel sleepy as the relaxation sinks deeper into your body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Pinecone?

This strain can help alleviate certain symptoms including chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. It also bestows a guiding hand that can lull you into a sleep which is effective for people with insomnia. Aside from these, it can stimulate appetite and controls nausea.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Purple Pinecone?

The adverse effects of this strain are not completely recorded but there are information wherein it can cause dryness of both the eyes and mouth with possibilities of anxiety or paranoia when taken over the required dosage.

Tips for Growing Purple Pinecone

There is not enough information regarding this strain which includes ways and techniques on how this one can be grown properly.