Purple Urkle Strain Review

Purple Urkle is a pure indica that was originated from California Strain. It has a complex taste that makes your entire body relax including your brain. After a hard day, or it seems like life is picking you up, a better way for escape is to indulge in and chill out. Though many strains can be determined from its overall looks, this strain is quite different. In fact, the plant looks brown because of the buds and the leaves are not as green than the usual strain plants.

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As you look closer, you see some purplish portion from the buds. It is the best use for appetite booster that can increase your weight for 15 pounds or even more just for two weeks. It is a perfect appetizer and also a nice sleeping aid alternative rather than sleeping pills.

Purple Urkle Weed Strain Specifications

Flowering Period: 10-12 Weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: High
Flavors: Grapes, Sweet,  Berry
THC Level: 21%
Height: Medium .76 meters – 2meters Full
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

What Are The Effects Of Purple Urkle?

It is the ultimate strain for body and mind relaxation. It is very effective for anyone who is stuck in the weekday grind and looking for the best way to end the day right with a bang. Moreover, as soon as you feel the buzz, all you wanted to do next is to either sleep or eat a lot of food. It also increases your sense of satisfaction keep you happy. It uplifts your spirit and at the same time make you euphoric.

What Are The Medical Effects Of Purple Urkle?

This strain is very effective for those patients who are suffering from many kinds of body pain. This includes muscle spasm and even headache. The strain can also be used for someone who is having a difficult time to sleep. It relaxes the body and makes your brain blank. This can also be a perfect way to avoid stress when you feel like your company abuses you a lot. Purple Urkle can also keep you away from depression due to disappointments and pressures in life.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Purple Urkle?

The good thing about this strain whether you know the fact that it has a bit high when it comes to THC level, it does not make any emotional or mental distress or whatsoever. Yet, you may feel dizzy, dry mouth and dry eyes. There are some instances that you also feel a headache, but this will only last for about 5 minutes or so. A few drinks of a glass of water is highly recommended.

Tips When Growing Purple Urkle

Its potential height would be at list .76 m long, hence if there are some buds blooming from the plant, it does not necessarily mean that it is time for you to harvest. The best way to do so is 12 weeks. Keep the strain at a dry place to reach its full height potential which can be 2 meters long.