Purple Voodoo Strain Review

This type of strain is a perfect 50/50 mix of indica and Sativa came from several purple strain such as Purple Urkle and Purple Doja. Its majestic aesthetic looks, most consumers would be somehow anxious when harvesting the plant because of the dark flower somewhat like purple and red color. It has a very strong aroma but waits until you taste its grapey sweetness. Some would even say that it tastes like Cava or champagne. The purple voodoo is perfect for dessert that offers quality tingled sensational taste.

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The plant is easy to grow and you don’t even have to wait for several weeks to taste its sweetness. In fact, two months would make the plant bloom. You deserve a break so chill and relax as you pop up a smoke of the sweet grapey purplish medical marijuana.

Purple Voodoo Weed Strain Specifications

Flowering Period: 7-11 Weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Low
Flavors: Sweet, Earthly, Woody
THC Level: 7%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What Are The Effects Of Purple Voodoo?

As mentioned, it is the best use for anyone or everyone who wants to stay home, chill out, and be lazy. It makes your body relax and at the same time, it keeps you happy. The sensation from within will increase your sense of satisfaction and it can be very fulfilling when you pop up a smoke or two. In some cases, consumers would love to do this in the morning since it also makes a person energized. This, of course, will depend on your body’s reaction. Some would say that they are a bit of euphoric and the buzz itself is really uplifting.

What Are The Medical Effects Of Purple Voodoo?

Since it has a low THC level, it is highly recommended for anyone who is suffering from muscle pain. Moreover, it can be also used as an antidepressant medicine since the cerebral effect makes someone happy and bain blank. Purple Voodoo is effective for stress relief and you will feel energized as soon as the buzz is over. Other medical uses are inflammation and insomnia.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Purple Voodoo?

Even though the fact that it has a low THC level, one should always consider its negative effects especially if the strain is used improperly. In rare cases, a person may find irritated and anxious that may lead to paranoia. Dizziness, dry eyes and mouth are quite normal for any strain consumers.

Tips When Growing Purple Voodoo

You’ll see the flowering period from 7 weeks, but the best time to harvest the strain is 10 weeks. But you may also do so as soon as the buds bloom to the fullest during the 9 weeks. Keep it in a dry place and make sure there is enough space indoor for nutrients.