Qleaner Strain Review

The name of this strain may seem odd but taking a look at the lineage, it could be justified. The strain is made not only by two strains but four different strains! These are Jack Herrer, Northern Lights, Querkle, and Pluton.

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Those strains are already powerful and thus, the Qleaner has a high THC level of 20%. The Sativa-Indica ratio of the strain is 70:30 with Sativa as the dominant one. Because of this, users will mostly feel the Sativa’s uplifting effects than Indica’s relaxation effects.

Qleaner Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Sativa hybrid (Sativa dominant)
Flowering Period: 54-70 days (8-10 weeks)
Climate: Cool climate
Yield: Moderate to low
Flavors: Citrus, sweet, tropical, and grape
THC Level: 20%
Height: Tall
Growing Difficulty: Exper

What are the Effects of Qleaned

The effects of Qleaner include feeling uplifted and clear-minded. Those who are planning to use this should have things to do such as clearing out paper works, cleaning the house, or making art masterpieces since the strain could also help enhance the person’s concentration and creativity skills.

What are the Medical Benefits of Qleaner?

The medical benefits of the Qleaner can help those who are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and many more mind-related illnesses. It can even help cancer patients.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Qleaner?

The common negative effects of having dry eyes and cotton mouth can still occur here. These effects are manageable and it could be relieved by simply drinking water and by resting when the effects are wearing out. Another adverse effect is feeling lazy. After the day’s work, it will be a great time to lie down and relax as the Indica effect kicks in.

Tips for Growing Qleaner

People who have good hands in handling marijuana strains could find growing Qleaner easy already. Sativa plants are demanding in terms of nutrition, support, and environment. Such attributes make the Sativa plants more difficult to grow but doing this is still possible with the proper care and observation of the owner. Growers should place this in an area where they are near so that in case some issues will appear, it is easily seen and addressed.