Ray Charles Marijuana Strain Review

The Ray Charles cannabis strain is a pure Indica hybrid made from crossing the famous Romulan and Afghani Bullrider strains. Its name comes from the famous singer and it offers highs great for nighttime smokes.

This bud presents both recreational and medicinal properties, but many marijuana smokers are attracted to the latter traits. It can help in the relief and treatment of a broad range of physical aches and pains, and it’s also great for giving insomnia patients their blissful sleep.

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Ray Charles Specifications

Type: Pure Indica
Flowering Period: 7 to 8 weeks
Climate: Unknown
Yield: 1.35 ounces per square feet
Flavors: Sweet earth and pine
THC Level: 15% to 21% on average
Height: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What are the Effects of Ray Charles?

Both newbie and experienced cannabis consumers will most likely be surprised by the rate at which the highs of this bud begin to take effect. After the first few tokes, users may feel like they’re only smoking an ordinary cigarette. Several minutes after the smoking session begins, bodies will begin to feel weightless.

This light feeling will start in the eyelids and extremities. Smoking this bud can also increase blood pressure, especially around the temple areas. Time may seem to move as slow as possible when its highs reach their peaks.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ray Charles?

Ray Charles is a medical marvel even among marijuana communities. It has plenty of medicinal properties to offer for its users. For starters, since its sedative in nature, patients suffering from insomnia and anxiety will find inner peace and their much-awaited tickets to dreamland. Furthermore, this bud can also help in treating mild, moderate, and even severe forms of stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Ray Charles?

Even though the highs of Ray Charles can bring an influx of relaxing thoughts, it won’t cause bouts of paranoia or anxiety. However, some users may have headaches during smoking sessions along with dry eyes and mouths.

Tips for Growing Ray Charles

Seeds of Ray Charles are quite difficult to come by. Prospective gardeners should obtain trimmings from mature plants to create clones.