Reclining Buddha Marijuana Strain Review

The Reclining Buddha cannabis strain comes from a three-way cross. Combining the Big Skunk Korean, Holland’s Hope, and Super Skunk strains will yield this marijuana variant. This powerful strain boasts high THC levels of 23% on average.

Just like its name, smoking this bud will leave users in a relaxed state. Its effects make afternoon chilling sessions memorable events whether it’s during the hot summer or cold winter climates.

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Reclining Buddha Specifications

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 weeks
Climate: Indoor or outdoor environments
Yield: 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
Flavors: Fruit, citrus, lemon, earth, and flowers
THC Level: 23% on average
Height: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Reclining Buddha?

Reclining Buddha delivers an onset of refreshing sensations at the first toke. Despite its Indica-dominant nature, this strain delivers classic cerebral highs reminiscent of Sativa characteristics. One puff of this bud will deliver subtle euphoric feelings to its smokers that acts as a prelude to the state of happiness about to come.

As the happy and euphoric thoughts fill the mind, users may find themselves suddenly amused by every little detail in their surroundings. Giggling and even laughing fits may begin while the body starts to mellow in a deep sense of calm.

What are the Medical Benefits of Reclining Buddha?

The Reclining Buddha strain arrives on the scene with an extensive list of medical benefits. Most of its users will acquire therapeutic advantages from smoking this strain. The bud delivers soothing highs with mild simulating mental tingling sensations to provide relief against conditions like anxiety and PTSD.

Aside from its restorative highs, this strain becomes a natural painkiller to help users in properly dealing with a broad range of physical conditions. It can help ease away everyday aches and pains, especially in the areas around the temples.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Reclining Buddha?

One of the most common adverse effects acquired from smoking the Reclining Buddha strain is dehydration. Users regardless of experience will experience dry mouths and eyes.

Tips for Growing Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha plant isn’t as resilient to diseases and pests as compared to other strains. Gardeners should lay down protective measures to ensure the safety of their harvests.