Rocky Mountain High Marijuana Strain Review

The balanced hybrid cannabis strain known as Rocky Mountain High presents uplifting and relaxing effects to both the bodies and minds of its users. Marijuana smokers turn to this bud because of its ability to induce good vibes whether in a solo or group setting.

Its plant is also relatively easy to cultivate so beginner marijuana gardeners won’t have a difficult time in acquiring generous yields. This strain also contains THC levels to promote heavy-hitting highs that will last throughout the day.

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Rocky Mountain High Specifications

Type: Balanced Hybrid
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Outdoor environments with warm Mediterranean climates
Yield: 14 ounces per square meter
Flavors: Earth, skunk, lemon, grape, and citrus
THC Level: 15% to 20% on average
Height: 72 inches
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Rocky Mountain High?

Any person who takes a whiff of the smoke coming from a burnt Rocky Mountain High bud will almost instantly feel euphoric. Negative emotions won’t exist in the minds of this strain’s smokers. Patients of depression and stress will notice a significant change of mood with minimal effort thanks to the consumption of this bud.

The mental buzz from this strain’s highs is ideal for creative thinkers. Thoughts become clear after smoking this bud. Ideas will seemingly come left and right as users can maintain a clear head for the entire day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Rocky Mountain High?

This cannabis strain is an ideal choice for patients suffering from long-term medical conditions. People with chronic pains will find their issues to be more manageable than before with the help of Rocky Mountain High.

The bud is also effective in treating chronic nausea. It can also help reduce the symptoms associated with chronic stress and depression.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Rocky Mountain High?

Rocky Mountain High’s potent effects can also lead to strong adverse reactions, especially at high doses. Symptoms of paranoia and anxiety may become aggravated. It can also make users dizzy during smoking sessions.

Tips for Growing Rocky Mountain High

The Rocky Mountain plant can be grown in either indoor or outdoor environments. However, it does prefer outdoor settings with warm and sunny Mediterranean climates.