Royal Highness Marijuana Strain Review

Crossing the Dance Hall and Respect cannabis strains will yield the Royal Highness. The bud has small grape-shaped nugs with a dark forest green color. It also has rich purple hairs and undertones accompanied by frosty layers of crystal trichomes with a lavender hue.

The plant’s average height makes it an excellent choice in growing for just about any suitable location for cultivating marijuana. Its moderate THC levels also make it a good choice for beginner marijuana smokers to consume.

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Royal Highness Specifications

Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: Indoor or outdoor environments
Yield: 21.16 ounces per square meter
Flavors: Earth, pine, and diesel
THC Level: 13% to 15% on average
Height: 42 inches
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Royal Highness?

With reasonable THC levels come balanced properties for this cannabis strain. Royal Highness presents relaxing traits with properties to help energize the mind. Users experience mental tingling sensations which bring clarity to thoughts. Creative ideas flow freely into the mind for quick and efficient thought processes.

Its highs begin by taking smokers to a creative place inside their heads. Shortly after the mental clarity sets in, a physical calm starts to surface to give users a relaxing mood without throwing away motivation.

What are the Medical Benefits of Royal Highness?

Aside from smokers consuming this bud for casual reasons, this cannabis strain also has medicinal properties. It can help in relieving symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stress. Some users who lost their appetites can retrieve their palates with the help of the Royal Highness strain.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Royal Highness?

Even though the Royal Highness cannabis strain does have moderate THC levels, it does offer some mild adverse effects to its users. Most of its smokers will experience cottonmouths and dry eyes during smoking sessions.

Tips for Growing Royal Highness

Growing the Royal Highness plant will let gardeners enjoy bountiful harvests in either indoor or outdoor environments. However, planting seeds of this strain outdoors will yield slightly better results than cultivating it indoors. Furthermore, ensure that the plant gets hit with a 600W grow light when planting it in indoor environments.