Ruderalis Skunk Marijuana Strain Review

This Ruderalis Skunk marijuana strain review was written to provide those who are looking for some information about this strain. If you have questions or anything, please contact us.

The Ruderalis Skunk is considered to be one of the strongest and the most powerful strain in the field of the Cannabis Ruderalis. It is able to grab hold of the best features and qualities of the Skunk #1 which is its auto-flowering nature. The potency and the yield of this strain provide the Ruderalis Skunk to be a very powerful and tough hash to beat. It does provide that very rewarding yield that may sometimes be quite unpredictable during the summers.

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In North Eastern Europe, the Ruderalis Skunk may at times grow just wildly and it would actually have a surviving chance for it to cope up during the harsh climate and weather. Basically, such invulnerability may be credited for its auto-flowering capability.

Ruderalis Skunk Specification

Type: 70% Indica
Flowering Period: 45 to 65 days
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Large Yield
Stone: Relaxing High
THC Level: Average
Height: Average
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Special Features of Ruderalis Skunk Marijuana Strain

– The Ruderalis Skunk is capable to survive any kind of climate and it is because it is a direct descendant of a great strain the Cannabis Ruderalis. It has a wild feature to it which makes it suitable to be grown by newbies.

– The Ruderalis Skunk has been mean to be bread for psychoactive properties as being inherited by the Cannabis Ruderalis.

– Its main feature is that it is broad and tough. It is also characterized by its bushy appearance having a very impressive auto flowering ability.

– The Ruderalis Skunk has a higher THC content as compared to other wild cannabis strains. However, the breeding makes this strain to still retain potency but will lesser THC effect with an impressive yield.

– Almost all of the Ruderalis Skunk will have an auto flowering function. Having the same features of the Ruderalis Indica, it usually blooms within 5 to 10 weeks germination process and will actually react under a photoperiod environment.

Ruderalis Skunk Growing Marijuana Tips:

The Ruderalis Skunk has the same feature as that of the regular Skunk in terms of its growth pattern. However, given the right kind of photoperiod, the formation of the flowers will be triggered in the same way as the Early Girl and the Early Skunk does.