Running While High – Performance Boosts in Marathons by Marijuana

In addition to the scientifically proven benefits of medical marijuana, it is also a widely used performance booster among several runners, usually on ultra-marathon races. A lot of people were skeptical at first, but there were several highly ranked athletes who have attested to its enormous significance to their success in races.

A typical marathon would go as far as 26.2 miles of grueling running, but this distance isn’t even half of the average ultra-marathon distance of 62.1 miles. There are even multi-day races that can go as far as 1000 miles. It is a sport that requires an endless pool of stamina, strong will and focuses.

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How Marijuana helps Athletes Improve Performance

Although smoking pot is usually associated with less physically fit individuals, a lot of marathoners have proved that wrong. However, it doesn’t really do anything to improve any bodily function. To be exact, it just helps a person develop a positive perception.

Many users have said that smoking weed before an event helps their mental focus during long races that can last throughout the day and night. In ultra-marathon, you pass through unleveled terrains and into dense forests usually with no one else in site. The mental pressure added with the fatigue usually results in multiple dropouts in the middle of the race. If smoking does improve focus, then it is most likely the reason why people can continue running and walking without minding most of the surroundings.

Another effect of marijuana is the numbing of most muscles making joint and muscle pain nonexistent as long as the effects last. Some marathoners associate it to reducing stress as well. If you don’t feel any pain, you will be able to continue without distractions although it might bring a lot of stress after the race. Although users have mentioned that they also do a post-race smoke to help their bodies calm down and recuperate from all muscle aches without knowing the half of it.

Lastly, several studies inspired by a 2010 medical study about the respiratory effects of marijuana showed that people who smoke weed actually performed better in the lung function test compared to those who don’t. One logical explanation stated that it is because they exercise their lung functions in inhaling high-density smoke all the time.

Ethical Debates

Smoking weed has already been legalized in 23 states and will continue to gain acceptance in the future. Despite the highly acclaimed benefits of marijuana for running athletes, not all sports buffs are open to its use. Many supporters have opinions about how it is common for athletes to use steroids or overdose on painkillers to number their muscles before races. It just so happened that there is also some who prefer to use marijuana instead.

At the moment, the use of marijuana for physical training is accepted over countless marathon organizing groups. As a final point, it would be a person’s choice if he chooses to use marijuana for better purposes.