Secret Garden OG Marijuana Strain Review

Secret Garden OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with parent strains Rug Burn OG, Ghost OG, and Lavender. With this combination, you can expect that this bud produces floral and earthy aroma. Moreover, it is a heavy-hitting bud that is now considered rare.

Unfortunately, due to this strain’s rarity, Secret Garden OG’s THC level has not been measured accordingly. However, there are claims that it reaches an average of 20% THC content by individuals who have already tried it.

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Secret Garden OG Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
Flowering Period: unknown
Climate: dry and sunny
Yield: average
Flavors: herbal, sweet, woody, lavender, honey, flower and spicy
THC Level: 20%
Height: unknown
Growing Difficulty: unknown

What are the Effects of Secret Garden OG?

Secret Garden OG’s fresh fragrance comes with delicious exhale of fresh herbs and pines that are wrapped up together to give the best effects. Its high creeps slowly and start inducing a light euphoria after the first toke. Such uplifting effect makes you feel at ease and happy.

While your high spreads all throughout your body and brain, your body starts falling into a deeply calm state. You will feel it in your bones and muscles. At the same time, you will be in sleepy sedation.

What are the Medical Benefits of Secret Garden OG?

With high levels of THC content and incredible body effects, these will make Secret Garden OG as efficient medical marijuana. In fact, it has been used by several individuals who have been treating some health conditions like tremors, muscle spasms, stress and chronic pain.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Secret Garden OG?

If you use Secret Garden OG with caution, you will not face the consequence of experiencing extreme adverse reactions. However, even if you smoke it in moderation, there are always chances of feeling dizzy, headache, and paranoid. Sometimes, it leads to dehydration which causes dryness of eyes and mouth.

Tips for Growing Secret Garden OG

Secret Garden OG has desaturated green buds which are large and dense. Moreover, these buds are also irregular in shape and are individually covered with tangerine-colored pistils and shimmering trichomes.