Secret Recipe Marijuana Strain Review

Secret Recipe has a complex scent and well-balanced mental and physical effects. Bred by Connoisseur Genetics, Titanium influenced a lot the abilities of this strain. Secret Recipe is the cross between Chemdawg and a strain formed by combining Abusive OG and Sour Diesel. This strain has 21 to 25 percent THC. Insane! Secret Recipe has a unique blend of sour, sweet, and fruity tastes.

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Secret Recipe Specifications

Type: hybrid
Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks
Climate: semi-humid Mediterranean climate
Yield: low
Flavors: fruity, diesel, sweet, sour
THC Level: 21-25 percent
Height: unknown
Growing Difficulty: unknown

What are the Effects of Secret Recipe?

Secret Recipe is a fast-acting cannabis strain with extreme pressure on your temples and eyes. It will bring you to a deep mental headspace. It can make you more creative, talkative, and giggly for no reason. Next is the body buzz that will creep in little by little. It will relax your painful muscles while helping you breathe easily.

What are the Medical Benefits of Secret Recipe?

The versatile effects of Secret Recipe are perhaps applicable for numerous medical marijuana patients. Its focused effect can help patients who have ADD or ADHD. The mood-elevating effects of Secret Recipe are also beneficial for people who deal with minor to moderate depression and stress. This strain has therapeutic properties can soothe pains and aches like headaches.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Secret Recipe?

However, Secret Recipe is not ideal for patients with low tolerance to THC. It is common for first-timers and seasonal users. Its psychedelic effects may result in headaches, dizziness, and dehydration manifested by having a cottonmouth.

Tips for Growing Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe can produce flowers in 8-10 weeks. You can plant it indoors and outdoors. However, planting it indoors requires a nearly Mediterranean climate. Growing buds will need the help of artificial supports such as the wooden dowels. The buds of Secret Recipe are huge, but they don’t have enough THC. The plant may grow taller, but it offers a below average quantity of flowers. Aside from its huge buds, Secret Recipe is also known for its hefty resin production.