Serious 6 Marijuana Strain Review

Serious 6 is the product of two unpopular cannabis strains which are gathered from various parts of the globe to obtain a good high and deliver an inspired and invigorating feeling. The parent strains of Serious 6 are from African Landrace and Canadian breed.

Its spicy bud provides a swinging THC range landing between an average of 6% to 17%. Although it is widely popular for its colorful leaves and pink pistils, Serious 6 boasts a variety of colors such as neon green nugs paired with purple undertone and violet and pink hair with lavender trichomes. More than these colors, this beautiful bud also offers engaging aromas and irresistible flavors of pine, tea and citrus.

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Serious 6 Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Yield: 400 to 550 g/m2 (indoor) and medium (outdoor)
THC Level: 17%
Height: tall
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What are the Effects of Serious 6?

With Serious 6 cannabis strain, you can finally enjoy a creative mind because of its cerebral rush effects. This time, you can start writing a novel or think about making an artistic project. Such cerebral reaction will make you motivated for a couple of hours and fill your body with fun, warmth, and relaxation. Moreover, this positive sensation will leave you aroused as well.

What are the Medical Benefits of Serious 6?

Serious 6 cannabis strain is best for all levels of experience. It is also very helpful to treatment of various ailments. If you are suffering from depression, bipolar disorder and stress, this bud is an effective strain to smoke. Furthermore, it is also a solution to fatigue, low libido and moderate pain.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Serious 6?

Although it provides many positive effects, it cannot be avoided that Serious 6 may leave adverse reactions after each use. It can cause paranoia or increase in anxiety if you used it beyond moderate level.

Tips for Growing Serious 6

Indoor flowering period for Serious 6 strain varies depending on the grower you asked. However, you can expect around 8 weeks before this plant produces yield. For intermediate and advanced growers, they may consider it planting outdoor because Serious 6 flourishes in open air.