Shiva Shanti II Marijuana Strain Review

The Shiva Shanti II was actually released together with its sister strain, the Shiva Shanti right about the very start of the 90’s. This has been created in order to pave way for the expansion of the breeding advocacy so that a new and better breed will be added to the cannabis gene library. The very purpose of the Siva Shanti II is to be able to create a strain that will make cannabis interested aficionados to be able to afford a strain of Shiva Shanti. This has been versatile and better especially when it will be grown indoors and with the right amount of light.

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Shiva Shanti II Specification

Type:  75% Indica
Flowering Period: 45 to 55 days
Climate: Indoor
Yield: Large Yield
Stone: Cerebral High
THC Level: Average
Height: Tall
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Shiva Shanti II Marijuana Strain

– The Shiva Shanti II is a new and better strain of the Shiva Shanti family. It is fast, tough and it can be very forgiving especially when it comes to it being grown by newbies or by inexperienced growers.

– The best thing about the Shiva Shanti II is that it can be very potent. However, there is an order of scale or enormity which is way less stronger as compared to its sister strain. The reason why this is so is that it enables most cannabis growers to be able to enjoy the great experience of its smoking effects.

– The best thing about the Shiva Shanti II is that while it has that mere or sublime effect when it comes to its smoking properties, even other normal cannabis strains are still considered as mild as compared to this kind of strain.

– The Shiva Shanti II is actually a threefold hybrid from the Garlic bud, Kush strain, and the Skunk strain. Now, in order to make growing of this very easy, an Afghani mix is being added to the combination making it very compatible for beginners.

– The Shiva Shanti II is actually a bestseller strain as it is low priced and very conducive for new growers.

Shiva Shanti II Growing Tips:

The Shiva Shanti II only proves that price doesn’t matter when it comes to making quality strains. Beginners don’t have to rely on expertise in order to create a better yield for this strain. Shiva Shanti II is easy to grow but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to give it appropriate nutrients, light, soil, and water.