Shiva Shanti Marijuana Strain Review

If you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale online, then Shiva Shanti marijuana seeds should be of interest to you. But before ordering it, read this Shiva Shanti review and information.

Shiva Shanti got its name from the twin daughters of Ben Dronkers, Shiva and Shanti. And for that reason, it only means that Shiva Shanti is a valuable type of strain. Shiva Shanti is a cross breed of Garlic bud and a variety of Kush family that is why you can smell its garlic-like aroma. It is one of the strains that have a soothing taste and can give you excellent yield without putting much effort on it. It possesses an overpowering smell with a spicy flavor coming from its parent. It is a short thick strain that can produce quality yields. It produces less odor while it is flowering thus will not tend to cause you irritation. Its buds are long and spear in shape that rapidly matures.

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As soon as you puff this strain, you will instantly feel its effects. It can create a powerful buzz suitable for people who are looking for such level of high to treat their medical conditions or to escape from their worries in life.

Specifications of Shiva Shanti

Type: Indica/Sativa
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: 500 gr/m2
Stone: Stoney yet high
THC Level: 15 – 20%
Height: 50 – 80 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Medical Effects of Shiva Shanti

Shiva Shanti is perfect for people who wanted to relax their mind from all the worries they have had that keeps on bothering them every day. It can also help people relieve anxiety and stress as well as those who are suffering from a sleeping disorder.  This might be a great option for workaholic people who are always under pressure so that they can still do their tasks and be more productive despite their exhaustion. Shiva Shanti can also be used for other medical conditions related to physical sensations.

How to Grow Marijuana – Growing Shiva Shanti Tips

If you are not yet familiar with growing cannabis, then you can try Shiva Shanti. It is because it is not that difficult to grow this kind of strain which is favorable to beginners. Aside from that, you can possibly grow it indoors or outdoors depending on what will suit your taste. As long as you know how to provide its needs like nutrients, water, and light then for sure, you can expect excellent results in just a matter of time wherein you can harvest remarkable yields of Shiva Shanti. No need to watch for it the whole day which means you can do your usual activities while achieving the maximum development of this particular strain.