Shiva Skunk Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

If you want to get a decent amount of marijuana buds in a quick period of growing time, then you might want to consider Shiva Skunk feminized. This Shiva Skunk feminized marijuana strain review should give you an idea of what this strain is.

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The first Shiva Skunk strain was released in 1987. It is a cross between Skunk #1 and NL5, which is considered the most potent strains during that time. Shiva Skunk, up to this moment, remains the strongest Skunk hybrid and the availability of its feminized seeds made it even more attractive to cannabis growers. This strain is not recommended for novice smokers since it has high THC levels, made obvious through its crystal-coated clustered buds. You can detect a cocktail of citrus-sweet notes in its musky scent. The smoke is very thick and rich, which smokers describe as creamy or oily.

Shiva Skunk Feminized Specification

Type: 85% Indica
Flowering Period: 45-55 days
Climate: Indoor/Greenhouse
Yield: 125-500 gr
Stone: Indica body stone
THC Level: High
Height: 125 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Special Features of the Shiva Skunk Feminized Strain

– The strain was named after the Hindu god Shiva, the Lord of the Dance.

– Shiva Skunk Feminized is one of the most potent Indica hybrids of all time.

– Before formally named, Shiva Skunk was then called NL#5 x Sk#1. The temporary title attracted a lot of growers since both strains are incredibly potent by themselves. The new strain was considered a big leap in marijuana breeding, even now that its female counterpart has been released.

– The feminized Shiva Skunk has exceeded its parent’s popularity in terms of resin production and yield.

– Although most users would call the strains effects as “Indica body stone”, the effects of the feminized version varies in many ranges. Others may feel a sudden surge of energy and may feel slightly adventurous; it can also induce contemplative thinking, and other might get giggly and red-eyed.

Tips for Growing Shiva Skunk Feminized Strain

The Shiva Skunk Feminized Strain grows best in greenhouse method or under lights. This cannabis plant is very versatile, making it very easy to grow for beginners and very convenient for experienced cannabis growers. The best thing about this strain is the fact that it needs little care in order to thrive well. Because it’s feminized, expect quite a heavy yield.

Even the most demanding grower will be satisfied with this strain’s yields. Warms summers or temperate climates are best for Shiva Skunk Feminized. If you live somewhere in the Northern hemisphere, this strain grows best in places below 45N and below 50N, should one decide to grow it outdoors.