Shiva Skunk Marijuana Strain Review

We have prepared this Shiva Skunk marijuana strain review so that you will have an idea on what to expect from growing shiva skunk strain. Read on.

The Shiva Skunk is a mix between two excellent hybrids, the Northern Lights #5 and the Skunk #1. It is one of the most powerful skunks and an extremely potent strain of Indica. Like its name, the Shiva Skunk smells strongly dank and skunky but also has a fruity and citrus aroma. If you are growing thins cannabis in secret, you must have a good smell control mechanism.

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Although it smells and tastes skunky, its complex taste also has a strong minty hint. The effects of this high ranges from a slightly energetic high but also a creeping stoned feel that is a bit narcotic. It gives you a bit of alertness and a feeling of pondering and giggly happiness. The plant is of medium height with sparse leaf coverage. The leaves are also short with a dark green color. The branches have several buds that are packed and covered in resin.

Shiva Skunk Specifications

Type: Indica – 85 / Sativa – 15
Flowering Period: 7 weeks
Climate: Indoors or in a greenhouse
Yield: ranging from 125gm indoors to 500gm outdoors
Stone: Stoned
THC levels: High
Height: 50”
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features

– Dubbed “cannabis cubed” because it is a hybrid from two incredibly potent strains
– THC levels of 15 to 20%, with high yield
– Requires minimal trimming due to sparse leaf growth
– Medically effective for insomnia and a potent painkiller

Growing Tips

Shiva Skunk is fairly easy to grow. With sparse leaf growth and intermediate size, its setup would do well with sea of green where you would be able to harvest around 450grams M2. It is said to yield better results with hydroponics than using soil as a growing medium. It is perfect indoors but it is also possible to grow these outdoors as long as there is a Mediterranean climate. This plant’s growth does not do so well in a cold climate. If you are in a cold climate but want to grow this outdoors, best to do it in a greenhouse. Harvest is ready by the end of October when grown outside.

True to its name, the smell of the Shiva Skunk is strong. If you are growing in secret, then you best prepare a good odor control system because, without it, others would be sure to smell it.