Silver Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Read this Silver Strain marijuana strain review if you want to learn about this type of cannabis. There are a lot of marijuana strains out there that will surely surprise you. This one will surely do.

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Silver Haze is the first type of strain that can give the users the full effects of Haze faster in its purest form that is mostly sativa. As the name implies, the buds of Silver Haze is covered with glitters coming from the thick layers of its resin glands. Aside from that, you will notice the presence of silky long pistils in its buds. It can give you a clear and powerful buzz favorable to most cannabis users. Its taste and flavor is a combination of earthy, pungent, and flowery. You can smoke it the whole day without losing the effects. You don’t have to worry about its buds because they are resistant to molds. Silver haze can grow tall but can be controlled when you will place it indoors.

Specifications of Silver Haze

Type: Sativa/Indica
Flowering Period: 56-70 days
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Yield: Large
Stone: Strong and clear buzz
THC Level: 14%
Height: High plant
Grow Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Special Features of Silver Haze

– People who will try smoking Silver Haze will feel happy and uplifted. This is helpful to those who are experiencing depression that they feel down losing their energy to keep on moving. It helps you relax your mind and body and be more creative while in a euphoric state.

– Silver Haze can be used to treat gloominess, alleviates stress, help people lose their appetite, and an effective pain reliever and cure for headaches. Moreover, you can also use it for other medical conditions like ADHD, migraine, anxiety, and a whole lot more.

Learn How to Grow Silver Haze Cannabis Strain

Well, Silver Haze is not easy to grow the type of strain. However, it is still possible that growers will be able to achieve its maximum growth as long as you will give it enough attention which means even beginners can try growing this strain. Besides you can expect to harvest an excellent type of strain so making efforts on it is worth it in the end. If you are planning to grow it indoors then you have to focus on the circulation of air. It is also necessary that you provide it with light. It can produce flowers in just a matter of time suitable for people who wanted a quick harvest. You can try placing it in greenhouses if ever that you don’t have enough area to grow it outdoors. You can even triple its normal height as long as you can manage its vegetative time.