Silver Pearl Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Silver Pearl Seeds

Silver Pearl is what any breeder can classify as the best child of Northern Lights, Skunk # 1 and Early Pearl. This marijuana took on the best qualities of all three breeds by having a short flowering period, abundant resin yield and an unparalleled production power. Silver Pearl is known to have big, glistening and dense buds with plentiful trichomes while keeping a fresh honey flavor. It is easy to grow and does very well indoors, performs extremely well in the greenhouse and is also good outdoors. The weed has a good consistency, low leaves, and quick finish. It is powerful marijuana – giving out an extreme strength regardless of the drowsiness it hits with the smokers. Silver Pearl is so strong that it overrides the drowse and puts an energetic high while a great wake and bake buzz – tingling users throughout the day until they are well spent to succumb to a relaxed sleep.

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Where to buy Silver Pearl cannabis seeds?

There are a lot of seedbanks where you can order high-quality marijuana seeds Amsterdam Marijuana Seed Bank. This company offers discrete shipping to all their weed seed items like the Silver Pearl strain. You may also receive some free seeds with your order.

Silver Pearl Marijuana Specification

Yield: 400 / 500 (g/m²)
Average height
(55 – 65 days)
THC Level:
In and Outdoor
Strong high

Special Features of Silver Pearl

1. This cannabis strain was developed through the combination of three different marijuana varieties- Northern Light, Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. Such combination resulted to Silver Pearl strain that is an indica-Sativa hybrid.

2. It features potent and heavy buds that are glistening with THC crystals.

3. Considered as a true pearl in the weed kingdom, the Silver Pearl is also a sturdy type of weed that grows vigorously and has a short flowering phase which is about 55 to 65 days.

4. Silver Pearl buds have a sweet flavor with Skunk undertone. When smoked, it will produce a drowsy effect and an uplifting high because of its sativa composition.

Growing Silver Pearl Tips

Silver Pearl is suitable for new pot growers but in order to get heavy buds and much better yield, it is recommended to grow them outdoors and let the plants enjoy the natural sunlight.