Silverback Gorilla Review

The Silverback Gorilla is a powerful strain that has a potent and considerably high THC level ranging from 17-23% THC level. It is not a cannabis strain to joke about or reckon with if one who wants to try it is just a beginner when it comes to smoking cannabis.

The Silverback Gorilla is also known to be an offspring from the Lineage of two popular and well-respected strains the Grape Ape and the Super Silver Haze. The strain is also one luxury because of its rarity in the market. It can have the Indica dominant effects people adore but it is rare.

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Silverback Gorilla Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Sativa Hybrid (Indica Dominant)
Flowering Period:10-16 Weeks
Climate: Tropical and Humid
Yield: High
Flavors: Pine, Sweet, Pungent
THC Level: 17-23%
Height: High
Growing Difficulty: Hard

What are the Effects of Silverback Gorilla?

The strain Silverback Gorilla is an Indica dominant strain. It is expected to give a relaxing and sedating effect on the user. It is used to relieve insomnia and other mind bothering disorders. However, the strain has a lot of things to boast about along with its fast-acting pace when it comes to inflicting its effects on the user. It can highly relax and it can minimally give that tingly feeling.

What are the Medical Benefits of Silverback Gorilla?

The Silverback Gorilla has the ability to give comfort to patients experiencing pain, anxiety, and worry. Suppressing all of the conditions, it can also relieve a person from insomnia. Chronic pain can also be relieved by Silverback Gorilla along with muscle spasms and arthritis. Mental and psychological problems such as PTSD and Depression are no match for this strain as well.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Silverback Gorilla?

The reason why people and other people from the medical field like Silverback Gorilla are because of its ability to inflict less negative effects. It only leads to dry mouth and dry eyes. Paranoia and anxiety are rarely reported.

Tips for Growing Silverback Gorilla

The Silverback is hard to find. It is not that widely cultivated but it can be found at mountains while trekking.