Sinai Marijuana Strain Review

Sinai is a global phenomenon, particularly after its launch. This strain is a creation of The Real Seed Company. While growing this plant, a few enthusiasts find an Indica phenotype. It is shorter, but the buds are heavy because of density.

Modern strains are as potent as the old ones. However, Sinai stays potent even for newbies. Its THC levels range between 14 and 15 percent. That amount is enough to induce a clearheaded high. A higher dose can stun you with deep awareness. That is true when you consume this strain as a hash.

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Sinai Specifications

Type: hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
Flowering Period: 10-12 weeks
Climate: warm climate
Yield: high
Flavors: sweet, earthy, herbal, spicy, menthol
THC Level: 14-15 percent
Height: tall
Growing Difficulty: easy

What are the Effects of Sinai?

Sinai is Sativa-dominant, so its Sativa effects work fast. You will feel its effect shortly after your first toke. Next is the uplifting sensation that will invigorate you completely. With the sudden rush of euphoria, you will stay happy and feeling good for hours. While it enhances your mood, the optimistic disposition that you will feel as well will bring back all those joyful memories. You’ll become more confident and talkative while experiencing Sinai’s euphoric effects.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sinai?

Unlike the modern strains, a landrace doesn’t contain more CBD. It is because it hasn’t been genetically designed to produce more CBD. But, there is one kind from the Sinai area that contains 1.5 percent CBD. A team of scientists from the Netherlands tested the landrace. Despite its low CBD content, Sinai is still effective in treating various health problems such as poor appetite and depression.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Sinai?

Its common side effects are dehydration that causes dry and irritated eyes. You may also experience a cottonmouth. These unwanted side effects will go away on their own, but when symptoms persist, drinking more water can mitigate it.

Tips for Growing Sinai

Sinai is resistant to extreme humidity, weather, and pests. This strain can grow between 4 and 6 feet. Likewise, it responds to different growing methods such as topping.