Skunk #1 Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Skunk #1 Seeds

It is quite funny to know the name of the new strains of different marijuana nowadays. It can be animals, phenomenon or other fruits. But after discovering the characteristics of each variety you would surely smile and nod your head and say, “It’s amazing”. True indeed, Skunk #1 species still continuous to amaze the world and change the look of marijuana in the whole world. Skunk #1 is a fusion of three cannabis variety: Mexican Acapulco Gold, Afghani, and Columbian Gold. This species of cannabis has been noted as one of the most potent and most powerful species of the marijuana family. The solid gene of this species serves as the gold standard of cannabis industry and had been able to influence a lot of hybrid of cannabis, serving it as a benchmark when creating a new breed of marijuana. This type of species is known for its high yield and good harvest quality. The remarkably high flower to leaf ratio of the plant causes it to sustain molds in its last six weeks of its flowering period.

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Where to buy Skunk #1 cannabis seeds?

You can order high-quality marijuana seeds from an online seedbank. You can also receive some free seeds with your purchases, it just depends on how much you order. AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds, where you can order Skunk #1, ships their seed items to their customers from around the world discretely.

Skunk #1 Cannabis Specification

Type: Regular
Flowering Period: short (45-50 days)
Climate: temperate/ Continental
Yield: Large Yield
Stone: Euphoria
THC Level: Medium : 8 – 15%
Height: Average height
Grow Difficulty: Medium

Special Features of Skunk #1

1. Skunk #1 has the Mexican, Afghani and Columbian genetics and is known as a true breeding marijuana strain that is easy to grow and easy to manicure.

2. This hybrid marijuana plant features big leaves with short internodes. It has a high flower to leaf ratio with buds that are dense and uninformed.

3. The large buds of Skunk #1 exude a pungent smell but a sweet taste. When smoked in whatever smoking paraphernalia, it produces a strong body stone and deep relaxation that is perfect for people with sleeping troubles.

4. The THC level is high and during harvest, a copious amount of yield can be expected even if Skunk #1 plants are grown by beginners.

Growing Skunk #1 Tips

Skunk #1 is not a naturally robust type of marijuana strain. To obtain a good harvest of potent buds, Skunk #1 plants are best grown indoors or in a greenhouse set up.