Skunk #1 Review

Skunk #1 is the pioneer of its hybrid career. It is one very well-respected strain of all time since the 1970s when it first bloomed into the market. It is made with perfection and with the passion to make one big strain for people to use. It is made from three leading and popular strains. It is a trifecta hybrid from Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold.

Coming from the Skunk #1, a lot of strain was made possible. The strains coming from the Skunk #1 was harvested from Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Flying Dutchmen, Nirvana Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds. The Skunk #1 is still a favorite because of its high potency.

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Skunk #1 Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Sativa Strain (Indica Dominant)
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Cold- Humid
Yield: High
Flavors:  Skunk, Earthy, and Pungent
THC Level: 15-19%
Height: Tall
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Skunk #1?

Skunk #1 has its own personality when it comes to the effects stage. It can bring you to rest and relaxation but at the same time, it can make the process enjoyable. Since the strain is Indica dominant but still has a considerable amount of Sativa in its veins, the Skunk #1 is a balance between a slightly dominant relaxation with a sprinkle of happiness, creativity, and uplifting effects.

What are the Medical Benefits of Skunk #1?

Since the strain is also a relaxing cannabis strain at the same time it is a strain designed for an uplifting effect, it can be ideal for people who want to get over pain, insomnia, and at the same time negative thoughts. It is a strain good for patients who are experiencing all of the mentioned. It can also relieve PTSD, stress, and depression along with other medical problems.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Skunk #1?

The Skunk #1 has a high THC level. If a person who takes it in is not really a smoker or a user, there is a possibility of ending up dizzy. The strain can also lead to dry mouth and dry eyes.

Tips for Growing Skunk #1

The Skunk #1 can be a little bit hard to grow because it has a complex genetic frame. However, with the proper monitoring, it should be fine.