Skunk Special Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Skunk Special Seeds

If you want your cannabis to be more powerful, much bigger, finishes faster, stinkier and with a buzzing effect, then Skunk Special is what you’re looking for. Skunk Special is a refined species of Skunk #1 in order to give the Skunk enthusiast a killing effect. It was developed after screening the best parents. Skunk Special grow best in an outdoor environment because they naturally love natural light and the wide space. The growers of Skunk Special see to it that they have an odor control system which is powerful in order to manage the insidious and strong aroma that this strain exudes. Simply rubbing or brushing the flowers of this cannabis is sufficient to seal the whole room with its delicate sweet funky Skunk aroma and the luxurious scent of the buds which have been dried is highly noticeable even if it is put in a sealed container. This is the reason why until now the process of developing it to be the best marijuana still continues.

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Where to buy Skunk Special cannabis seeds?

Order Skunk Special cannabis seeds from an online seedbank and the seedbank will ship your order discreetly. All transactions are discrete and secured and nobody will know what you buy online. Even your mailman won’t recognize what’s inside the package. You may also receive some free seeds with your order.

Skunk Special Specification

Type: Indica – Sativa mix
Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks
Climate: indoor
Yield: 500 gr/m2
Stone: Stoney yet high
THC Level: 12.5% – 15%
Height: 50 – 80 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Special Features of Skunk Special

1. This strain is an indica Sativa hybrid that was specially developed for Skunk lovers. As an exceptional refinement of the Skunk #1 variety, Skunk Special has an improved aroma and potency.

2. Skunk Special which is known for its heavy yield and the extraordinary flavor was produced after an intense breeding process was done.

3. It produces buds having a THC level of 12% to 15%. It also features a rich and sweet skunk funk aroma that can fill the entire grow room area, especially during the budding time.

4. The kind of high that Skunk Special creates is uplifting but will not leave you a sluggish feeling.

Growing Skunk Special Tips

Growing Skunk Special in a soil medium is one of the best options to get a good harvest. Always check the soil pH because an acidic soil can stunt the growth of the plants which will then result to a low amount of yield.