Slice of Heaven Marijuana Strain Review

Slice of Heaven is a perfectly balanced strain that is truly from up above. It comes from the crossing of Iced Grapefruit and Skwurl Killer strains brought to you by the breeders of Pollen Nation Elite Genetics. It has a rich and complex terpene profile with aromas of sweet fruit mixed with notes of citrus and fuel making this a favorite in the cannabis community.

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Slice of Heaven Specifications

Type: Indica 50% / Sativa 50%
Flowering Period: 9 – 10 weeks
Climate: Indoor or Outdoor
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Fuel, Citrus, Sweet, Fruity
THC Level: –/–
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Slice of Heaven?

Slice of Heaven really has the effects that will take you into cloud nine. It starts off with a heady cerebral high that lifts your mood up spectacularly and helps you focus on the tasks at hand. It also brings with it a strong sense of blissful creativity that keeps you inspired with new thoughts and ideas. As the high wears down, you will feel the strain’s relaxing body buzz getting rid of all your aches and pains making you happy and sleepy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Slice of Heaven?

This medical marijuana strain is a great natural remedy for a number of medical conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, backaches, chronic stress, inflammation, headaches, and migraines. It can also help relieve cancer-related treatment symptoms like nausea and fatigue. This cannabis strain can also help those who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Slice of Heaven?

Using Slice of Heaven can cause dehydration leaving you with dry mouth and dry eyes that can lead to irritation.

Tips for Growing Slice of Heaven

Cultivating Slice of Heaven can be done by breeders of all levels of experience. It can be grown successfully both indoors and outdoors and are resilient to common mold and mildew. This strain just needs to have a warm and humid environment to be able to thrive. It will also benefit from early topping off if you are growing these plants indoors.