Smoke a lot seed Review: Warning! Poor Cannabis Experience Detected with Smoke a lot Seed?

Every time the moment has come to pick the best strains for your outdoor or indoor marijuana garden, the scenario seems to repeat over and over again.

Instead of enjoying the process of choosing your seeds, you get overwhelmed in the ocean of promises.

We’re here to help out with the Smoke a lot of seed review.

Smoke a lot of seed Company was founded in 2007.

The focus of the company was to provide marijuana strains, which can finish early but also strains, which are suitable for cultivation outdoors in cooler climates.

The breeder behind Smoke a lot of seed remains unknown as he hasn’t ever introduced any other nickname for himself but the company itself.

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Best Features of Smoke a lot seed

– Smoke a lot of seeds selection featured strains of sturdy genetics, particularly well-suited for growing in the Northern Hemisphere or other countries with similar climate conditions.

Due to the unfavorable climate, many marijuana aficionados living in regions where summers are short and temperatures tend to drop down quickly, are often deprived of the joy to cultivate cannabis with high success when it comes to maximizing the yields, taste and potency.

Seed Selections

Some of the most popular strains in the seed selection of Smoke a lot seed company include Godzilla Grape, Grape Lemonade, Freezeland, Guerilla Gold #3.

Website Functionality

Smoke a lot seed used to feature their selection of seeds through other partner online retailers.

Currently, however, Smoke a lot seed company is not active on the online stage of cannabis.

Our Verdict

While searching for any possible piece of information about the Smoke a lot seed company, we stumbled across way too many users, sharing their disappointment of the quality of seeds provided by Smoke a lot seed.

Even though up-to-date the company is not present on the web and we didn’t find any other wholesalers offering seeds from this particular company, we do highly encourage you to stay alert if you get to stumble across some of their strains.

We do not think this is the most reputable seed bank to opt for and we hope that if they ever get to return online, they will genuinely strive to improve their reputation and services.