Sonic Seeds Review: Are Sonic Seeds aGood Source of Quality Marijuana Seeds?

Nowadays, when it comes to picking fine grade cannabis seeds, you are both blessed and cursed.

There’s a great chance you get truly fantastic seeds.

But there’s also a great chance for getting screwed up.

Let’s keep things simple.

We have highlighted only the essentials of what you need to know about Sonic Seeds in the Sonic Seeds review below.

Sonic Seeds stands for a breeder of marijuana strains, whose presence on the online marijuana stage has been first made in 1997.

That’s the year when the breeder himself points out to have started creating unique hybrids.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Sonic Seeds company did not manage to keep its positions strong enough as to keep following their mission to preserve, spread and protect the genetics of amazing landrace strains.

The last social activity from the Facebook profile of Sonic Seeds dates back to March 2016.

Although other seed banks also used to feature Sonic Seeds as part of their selection, up-to-date, we couldn’t find any reputable and consistent partner online retailer of Sonic Seeds.

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Seed Selections

Some of the most well-known strains which originated from Sonic Seeds company include Sonic Boom, Pine Queen Haze, Hubba Bubba Haze, Pursang Haze 2, among others.

Customer Service

Although Sonic Seeds did never really provide a customer service of their own but relied solely on the customer service, featured by the partner retailers of Sonic Seeds selection, the breeder himself used to pop out at different forums.

He has been fully honest about why he prefers to work with particular seed banks only.

He also highlighted the importance of getting to understand the rates provided by each breeder as to avoid being scammed by “fake vendors”, who try to push you seeds way more expensive than these should be.

Our Verdict

It’s hard for many of the breeders nowadays to keep with the pace of the fast-growing competition on the online cannabis market.

Nevertheless, seed banks and companies of good reputation constantly raise the bar very high and the jump to the next level might become way too hard to be achieved by lone wolfs of the pack.

We’d always give our thumbs up to breeders who don’t quit their mission for preserving, exploring and improving the genetics of various marijuana strains.

We need to keep these for the future generations and for respect of the deep culture behind cannabis breeding and cultivation.

If Sonic Seeds return back with new hybrids, we’d gladly give these a try.

But as for now, avoid scammers and don’t go for overpriced or overpraised Sonic Seeds.