Soulshine Aloha Strain Review

The cross between the Ice Princess and Hawaiian Big Bud delivers an engaging high that lifts up your spirit and boosts your appetite. Over time, the indica nature of the Soulshine Aloha will leave you relaxed and couch locked.

True to its name, Soulshine Aloha smells of tropical fruit with a hint of earth.

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Soulshine Aloha Specifications

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Period: 7-9 weeks
Climate: Sub-tropical climate
Yield: Moderate
Flavors: Tropical, Sweet, Earth
THC Level: 10%-18%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Soulshine Aloha

Soulshine Aloha hits you with euphoric high after taking a few puffs. With a THC level of 18 percent, you will feel incredibly cheery and hungry throughout the duration of the high. After a while, the relaxant factor of Soulshine Aloha kicks in. The sedative effect creates a calming buzz that will leave your body in a heavy and relaxed state.

What are the Medical Benefits of Soulshine Aloha

You can get the most out of the appetite-boosting property of Soulshine Aloha if you are suffering from an eating disorder. This lets you restore any vital nutrients back to your body. The relaxant effect of the strain can help you cope with intense stress and pain. Soulshine Aloha can also treat insomnia by getting rid of any discomfort that is preventing you from sleeping.

What are the Negative Effects that you Can expect from Soulshine Aloha

The common problem that people have in taking Soulshine Aloha is dry mouth. You can fix this by having a glass of water nearby after taking the strain.

Tips for Growing Soulshine Aloha

If you plan to cultivate Soulshine Aloha indoors, consider investing in better light fixtures than fluorescent bulbs. Better lights such as metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures encourages the plants to produce quality buds. For either of the MH or HPS fixtures, you need to have a proper exhaust and cooling system to keep the temperature of the lights from increasing. Another workaround is to use LED lights. LED grow lights are expensive than MH or HPS, but they do not produce as much heat as other lighting systems.