Sour Diesel Review

Sour Diesel or Sour D is a sativa-dominant strain known for its pungent and sometimes diesel-like smell. This strain gets you fast with its energizing effects. Sour Diesel can wash away depression, combat pain and manage depression. This strain is one of the most popular choices among patients who need help with depression, pain, and anxiety. Sour Diesel’s parent strains are Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.

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Sour Diesel Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Sour Diesel
Flowering Period: 10 to 12 weeks
Climate: mild to warm climate with temperatures between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Yield: 100- 250 g/m2
Flavors: Diesel, Earthy and Pungent
THC Level: 0-0.2%
Height: > 2m
Growing Difficulty: moderate

What are the effects of Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel has a number of positive effects. It can make you feel genuinely happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic and even relaxed. You will also feel as if your troubles have magically faded away. It acts fast and thus these positive feelings are felt as soon as you take the first puff.

What are the medical benefits of Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel is effective in the relief of stress and anxiety. It has been recommended in the treatment of depression and nervousness. It can curb pain, physical pain due to minor surgery, chronic pain and headaches. It can also help with fatigue and will relieve body pains in an instant.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Sour Diesel?

The most common side effects of Sour Diesel include dry mouth, dry eyes, and lips. It can also cause anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia. Therefore extreme caution is advised when using this strain for the first time.

Tips for growing Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is sativa-dominant and can stretch as it flowers which makes it harder to manage. You must prune it constantly so the growth won’t get out of control. You can grow Sour Diesel indoors and outdoors but if you are growing it indoors, use soil to steady the plant as it grows. It needs to be fed regularly with heavy feeding throughout its flowering cycle. Use finishing nutrients to keep the buds dense before these blooms.