Space Monster Strain Review

Perhaps another major indicator of the Space Monster strain is its arresting pungent scent. Its overtones huddle in a composite whole of aromas- chemical, ammonia, woodiness, tobacco, medicine, etc. Perhaps, its wide Afghan genetic broadcloth accounts to all these named scents. We are not really sure. By all marks, this Indica-dominant hybrid monster of a Marijuana variety further boasts of parentage from the equally hybrid Nebula strain. Nonetheless, Nebula has much to do with its scents as Afghan has.

The Space Monster stands as a proud Indica-dominated strain. It should even be prouder for its preferable 8-9-week vegetation period. Outdoor, you can start harvesting it by the first week of October. Under a warm outdoor climate, the strain can yield 8-10 ounces of buds indoor and 12 ounces of buds outdoor. With a rather harsh, sweet, chemical, pungent and ammonia-like array of stinks, harvesting the plant should rather be an exciting feat. For the most part, its stink should be something you will be thanking for. Because it is the stink that ensures its high 20% THC level. For these very reasons, the plant can be moderately difficult to cultivate.

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Space Monster Specifications:

Type: Indica-dominant
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks indoor, early October outdoor
Climate: Warm Outdoor Climate
Yield: 8-10 ounces indoor, 12 ounces outdoor
Flavors: Harsh, Sweet, Chemical, Pungent, Ammonia
THC Level: 20%
Height: 6-8 feet indoor, 10 feet outdoor
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of the Space Monster?

The Space Monster is known to induce feelings of sleepiness, happiness, euphoria, giggle, tingliness and deep relaxation among its users.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Space Monster?

The strain is also known as the treat Depression, Fatigue, Stress, Headaches, Cramps, and Pains.

What are the Negative Effects of the Space Monster?

Known Adverse effects of the Space Monster include Cotton Mouth, Dry Eyes, Headache and Dizziness.

Tips for Growing Space Monster?

⦁ The strain can best be cultivated outdoors. To keep its stink away, you are to apply organic minerals on its foliage.
⦁ Although the strain is highly resistant to mildews, organic immunity-boosters are still necessary for improving its yields.