Star Tonic Strain Review

A fitting product of the Indica/Sativa hybrid hybridity, the Star Tonic is more than just a recreational substance. It works best as a retriever of lost energy. It positively overwhelms the body with a buzz that clears out mental and muscle focus. Apparently, its CBD-enriched property justifies its breeders’ careful genetic manipulation as pro bono. But, this Sativa/Indica hybrid has more to offer than expected. Beyond its medical and recreational abilities, it works as a genetic bomb- filled to the brim with traits and effects too much for the body to take.

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The Star Tonic strain can grow around 56-70 days indoor, and falls on the middle of October when cultivated outdoor. It prefers warm and dry outdoor climates. Given the preferred conditions, the plant breed can yield around 10-14 ounces of buds indoor and 15 ounces outdoor. In terms of THC, the Star Tonic can empower its buds to at max 15%. Given its length of 10-15 feet, the strain is an easy growth.

Star Tonic Specifications

Type: Indica/Sativa (50/50)
Flowering Period: 56-70 days indoors, mid-October outdoor
Climate: Warm and Dry Outdoor Climate
Yield: 10-14 ounces indoor, 15 ounces outdoor
Flavors: Citrusy, Orangey, Lemony, Earthy, Herbal
THC Level: 9-15%
Height: 10-15 feet (indoor and outdoor)
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of the Star Tonic?

The Star Tonic can make its users feel creative, happy, euphoric, uplifted, relaxed and focused.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Star Tonic?

The Star Tonic is known to treat problems like Chronic Pains, Stress, Inflammation and Muscle Spasms.

What are the Negative Effects of the Star Tonic?

The Sour Tangie is negatively known to make you feel Cotton Mouth and Dry Eyes.

Tips for Growing Star Tonic?

⦁ There are no known dispensaries for the strain’s seeds. Make sure to keep your own reserves of the strain’s seeds.
⦁ Artificial lighting is necessary for ensuring the strain’s production of fresh resins.
⦁ Despite its tall growth, the strain does not regularly require early topping.
⦁ The Star Tonic strain is best cultivated indoors.
⦁ In order to practice the strain to produce fresher resins, you are to expose it to regular sunlight.