Strawberry Ice Feminized Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Strawberry Ice Feminized Seeds

The feminized Strawberry Ice marijuana strain originated from North America. This type of cannabis is also a crossbreed of the Indica and Sativa marijuana strain. This weed is considered to be the fruitiest tasting pot the seed bank has ever created, bursting with a strawberry candy taste from which this cannabis strain’s name came from. A fruity, strawberry scent also emits from this particular pot that only adds to the enjoyable experience. Growing the feminized Strawberry Ice pot strain can be grown either outdoors, indoors or even in a greenhouse. It is recommended for weed growers who consider themselves as beginners since it is easy to manicure, and the growth can be controlled indoors as well. The feminized Strawberry Ice strain is considered to be a branchy marijuana plant, and each branch is filled with THC crystals and resin. Due to the frosted appearance of this plant’s center cola, the term ‘Ice’ was added to the strain’s name.

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Where to buy Strawberry Ice Feminized cannabis seeds?

You can order Strawberry Ice Feminized seeds from an online seedbank based in Amsterdam – the home of one of the best marijuana growers in the world. The package will be shipped to their worldwide customers discretely in the soonest time possible. They accept any form of a credit card but they don’t accept PayPal yet.

Strawberry Ice Marijuana Specification

Type: 75% Sativa
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Indoor or outdoor
Yield: 500 gram/2
Stone: Tuttifrutti sativa high
THC Level: 8-15%
Height: 75 – 125 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Strawberry Ice Feminized

1. This strain is known as the fruitiest strain ever created by a team of breeders. The Strawberry Ice Feminized exudes a sweet, strawberry aroma and taste. Its tutti fruity flavor makes it one of the most favored marijuana strains across several countries in the world.

2. Strawberry Ice Feminized originated from North America and has been found to contain a few European genes. It is a versatile sativa type that can grow in any kind of environment.

3. The Strawberry Ice Feminized has the ability to produce a big yield that is about 500 grams per plant after 9 weeks of the flowering period.

Growing Strawberry Ice Feminized

Growing a pack of Strawberry Ice Feminized does not guarantee to give you 100% female plants. Some may turn to hermaphrodites due to strong stress factors. Grow this strain indoors where you can control the environment. Set the humidity and temperature at the standard range.