Strongest Marijuana Strain You Want to Know

Finding the strongest marijuana strain in terms of potency has become a big deal in our modern times. The good news is that there is a huge selection of the strongest marijuana strain on earth, with some of the best varieties pushing up to 35% of THC. While some experts have suggested that a standard cannabis plant cannot produce more than the highest level at 35% THC, modern breeders have been doing their very best to offer the strongest marijuana strain highest THC content. This will give users a very potent experience as much as possible. Here are the top 7 strongest strains that you can choose from.

White Fire OG

Key Features:

  • Type: 60% Sativa 40% Indica
  • THC Level: 22-28%
  • Effects: Relaxing, Focus, Euphoria, Creative, Cerebral
  • Best Against: Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Fatigue, Depression, Chronic Pain, Asthma, Anxiety

White Fire OG makes it to the strongest strains in the cannabis world because of its high THC content, averaging at 22-28%, and even reaching up to 30% on some samples. It features an upbeat high that is common among sativa dominant strains, making it a very ideal option if you are looking for a strain that can complete a blissful and sunny afternoon for you. It is oftentimes called as Wifi OG, notable because of its thick white crystal trichomes coating.

The White

Key Features:

  • Type: 85% Indica 15% Sativa
  • THC Level: 20-28%
  • Effects: Sleepy, Relaxing, Happy, Focus, Euphoria
  • Best Against: PTSD, PMS, Loss of Appetite, Insomnia, Hyperactivity, Depression, Chronic Pain, Bipolar Disorder, Arthritis, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD

The White is a strain that has constantly gained popularity over the last few years. It features up to 28% THC content, making it perfect for consumption on its own, or for use in various breeding projects. While the parents and heritage of this strain remains a mystery, it is often thought to contain some OG Kush lineage. In the past, finding a good supply for this strain was difficult, but because of its newfound popularity, the availability is evident.

Blissful Wizzard

Key Features:

  • Type: 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • THC Level: 32-34%
  • Effects:Uplifting, Relaxing, Happy, Giggly, Euphoria, Energizing
  • Best Against: Stress, PTSD, PMS, Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Migraines, Insomnia, Inflammation, Fatigue, Depression, Chronic Pain, Anxiety

With a THC content that reaches up to 34%, it is definitely one of the strongest marijuana strain on earth. It is a cross between two famous strains, namely, Captain’s Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies. The buds of this strain introduces a soaring euphoric high which can put you in a relatively good mood for several hours. One thing to note about this strain, however, is that it has the tendency to boost your appetite, which means that it is good for you to prepare some snacks beforehand.

Gorilla Glue #4

Key Features:

  • Type: 70% Sativa 30% Indica
  • THC Level: 25-28%
  • CBN Level: 1%
  • Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Euphoria, Energizing, Cerebral, Body High
  • Best Against: Stress, Nausea, Migraines, Loss of Appetite, Insomnia, Fatigue, Depression, Chronic Pain, Bipolar Disorder, ADD/ADHD

Gorilla Glue #4 is considered as among the most popular strains in the United States right now. It is both a high-yielding and potent hybrid strain, producing quite a heavy but very comfortable high which can fight pain away. A few years back, this strain was cultivated to reach up to 30% THC content, though these days, the standard buds are available with a 25-28% THC content range.

Bruce Banner #3

Key Features:

  • Type: 80% Sativa 20% Indica
  • THC Level: 23-29%
  • Effects: Happy, Euphoria, Energizing, Creative
  • Best Against: Stress, PTSD, Muscle Spasms, Loss of Appetite, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Fatigue, Depression, Crohn’s Disease, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain

As suggested by its name, this strain was named after the alter ego of the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner. For a couple of years, this strain has stayed on the list of the strongest strains in the world. In fact, the buds can reach up to 30% of THC content, making it a very competitive hybrid strain. As a sativa dominant strain, it offers a powerful and euphoric high, as well as a relaxed body experience.

Chiquita Banana

Key Features:

  • Type: 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • THC Level: 33-34%
  • Effects: Uplifting, Relaxing, Happy, Giggly, Euphoria
  • Best Against: Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Cramps, Chronic Pain

With a THC content of 33-34% percent, Chiquita Banana is no doubt one of the strongest strains ever cultivated in the cannabis industry. It is a cross between two very popular strains, OG Kush, and the Banana strain, pushing itself to the limit when it comes to potency. It also features both a tropical and sweet taste, which means that you will never go wrong with just a bit of

Nova OG

Key Features:

  • Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC Level:35.6%
  • CBD Level: 5%
  • Effects: Relaxing, Euphoria, Creative, Body High
  • Best Against: Tremors, PTSD, Muscle Spasms, Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Arthritis

Nova OG may turn out to be one of the highest THC content strain at 35.6%. It is not just extremely potent, but a designer, top-shelf bud. It is a hybrid of the Stardawg Guava strain, and an OG/Diesel variety. Because of its potency, it can treat a lot of medical conditions, but can also be strong enough for beginners to take. If you are planning to take this strain, it would be advisable to start slow, as the hit may leave you breathless after just a few puffs.

If you are wondering whats the strongest marijuana strain every cultivated, looking at the options mentioned above will give you an idea. Regardless of your purpose of use, a marijuana strain with a high THC content will certainly be able to help you accomplish a lot of things, from making you feel very creative, to relieving some pain related symptoms. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to test different strains in order to see which one works for you. This is most especially applicable to beginners in smoking marijuana.