Sumo Grande Strain Review

Sumo Grande is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a THC level of 22 to 23 percent. The strain is a favorite of most experienced users due to its high THC content. The buds have fluffy and olive green nuggets with dark purple undertones, orange hairs, and bumpy periwinkle trichomes. The plant has a lemon-pine aroma with earthy notes. The taste is milder with hints of citrus and pine trees.

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Sumo Grande Specifications

Type: hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
Flowering Period: 49 to 70 days
Climate: unknown
Yield: unknown
Flavors: citrus, lemon, pine, sweet
THC Level: 22 to 23 percent
Height: unknown
Growing Difficulty: moderate

What are the Effects of Sumo Grande?

The strain’s Sativa lineage dominated its overall power. The high is quick and hard as it will slam into your mind with strong, uplifting, and slightly tingly effects. While the high intensifies, you will start to experience a more powerful sense of focus and creativity. Such effects may be extremely stimulating sometimes and will leave you voracious.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sumo Grande?

If your daily schedule is often full of activities to finish, then you should choose Sumo Grande. The strain is highly suitable ideal for daytime use. You can use it for various problems such as migraines, headaches, depression, nausea, and chronic stress and fatigue. Sumo Grande will give the instant relief you need without making you feel sleepy afterward.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Sumo Grande?

Sumo Grande can also cause a few common side effects. These can be dry and irritated eyes and a cottonmouth. A slightly dizzy feeling can come along with those two common adverse reactions of nearly every cannabis strain. Also, you may experience a mild headache or paranoia and anxiety in a worse case. Taking Sumo Grande at the right quantity or dose will help you avoid these unpleasant side effects.

Tips for Growing Sumo Grande

Sumo Grande can grow indoors and outdoors. Growing it may be a little tricky for beginners, but they will succeed by learning more about its needs. Keep it nourished and happy, so the plant will be able to yield more in the end.